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Urban Rrasoi

Urban Rrasoi Indian Food Restaurant in Miami, FL


Urban Rrasoi Indian Food Restaurant in Miami, FL


Enjoy hot spices and complex flavors whether or not you eat meat. Vegan Indian cuisine goes back generations, which is why you’ll find numerous meat-free (and meat-packed) options on our menus.


Choose from plenty of fresh appetizers, vegetable plates, and lentil dishes packed with freshness and unique spices. Our vegan (and vegetarian) guests will go crazy for our vegetarian pakora, Gobi Manchurian, dal, chana masala, biryani, and bread.


Because patience is key to all of our dishes, we never rush anything. Every menu item from our dals to our kebabs take time to prepare, season, and cook. That’s what gives everything we serve the remarkable flavors you won’t forget. We hope you’ll join us for a cultural experience that’ll hit the spot! But if you can’t dine in, we also offer delivery and catering, and many searching for Indian food in Kendall Miami, FL come our way, as well.